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Florida Story Teller
Bill Ryan

The King's Road was built by the British around 1774 just prior to the American Revolution.  It was the main route into Florida existing almost to 1914.  Florida author Bill Ryan is a story teller, writing in a readable first person style to tell you little known stories of early history.  Since much of this Florida history happened along this colonial British roadway, he calls his books The Old King's Road Series.  They are offered in both hard copy and electronic formats.

The Search for Old Kings Road Battles, refugees, a rich plantation economy, a slave rebellion and a terrible war with history extending some 240 years into Florida.  Old Kings was built by the British in 1774 and was called "an engineering treasure" being one of the most important roadways in the growth of Florida. Hard copy and electronic versions with many illustrations, index and time line.  The story of a rapidly vanishing Florida cultural treasure.

Journey Into History Flagler County Florida
New!  Discover the multitude of historical sites in Flagler County.  Travel the Loop to Tomoka Park and its rich history.  Here are the legends and history gathered in 22 years of touring by Bill Ryan.  Your imagination is the key, and here are the GPS coordinates to open the past.  If you wanted to sign on for a cruise through Florida history, this will be your guide.  Historian Bill Ryan takes you on bus tours of our historic East Coast Florida, some real, some imaginary and many lost but brought forth with his first person writing style.

I am Grey Eyes a story of old Florida  On 20 May the very real Grey Eyes, a Seminole Indian  drove a cattle herd with 25 Indian boys south from Georgia helping to blaze and begin the Kings Road.  History viewed through Indian eyes.  Historical events intertwined into an entertaining and accurate story.  The Florida story from an Indian point of view.

Osceola his capture and Seminole Legends In 1837 the great Indian leader Osceola was captured under a white flag of truce on Old Kings Road, south of St. Augustine.  Author Ryan has Osceola telling his true story, his life at Fort King (present day Ocala), his relationship to the Black Seminoles, and as a war leader in the violent Seminole war.  Here is the story of what may be a portrait of his wife and child that hangs in a British museum.

Bulow Gold The account of Aunty Mary, a slave of the Bulow family and their housekeeper. Her history will move from the present to the past.  Here is the story of the building of a plantation empire that begins in 1821.  Charles Wilhelm Bulow dies all too soon.  His dream is taken over by his young son John Joachim Bulow aided by manager Francis Pellicer.  Well researched detail including the Seminole war and the death of a dream.

Door to Time in Florida History magic in a small Florida museum.  Tesla's first alternating current generator is installed in the Ormond Beach hotel.  The true stories of the Bunnell museum boy's club where strange events and a linkage to Tesla's 1898 experiments in time do occur.  History adventures are told by those who made today's Florida.  Does a museum of history possess to ability to achieve a critical mass` in moving into our past?  Read about it, or visit the little museum in Bunnell Florida!

Lost Plantations of Flagler County Florida Large Florida land grants during the British and Second Spanish period brought men of daring vision to what is today Flagler County.  They built extensive plantations here with steam engines, large numbers of slaves, to become part of an Industrial Revolution.  It all ended Christmas eve 1835 when the Seminoles declared war.  Historical research reveals some of the records that exist of these great and now forgotten enterprises.  This is a new work by Bill Ryan and part of the Old Kings Road series.  Discover more about Dupont, Russell, Graham, Bulow, Pellicer, Fish and Hernandez who did so much to shape Florida. 


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