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Thanks to the mastery of history re-enactor and author James Bullock several groups were able to experience the Osceola capture site on Old King's Road just south of St. Augustine's Moultrie Creek.  Visitors were guided by Stephen Held, son of the original land owner, and author Bill Ryan. At the 2012 National Underground Railroad Conference June 20-24  held at the World Golf Village near St. Augustine and the National Park Service, department of the Interior, a group of visitors were able to view a
re-enactment of the Osceola capture made under a white flag of truce.  Assisting was the group directed by Mr. James Fiske included Sawgrass as Osceola.  It was a memorable moment.
Osceola His Capture and Seminole Legends recorded this historic location. This may have been the last time a history group visited this place.