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Osceola His Capture and Seminole Legends

South of St. Augustine and Moultrie Creek was once a large area of undeveloped land.  It was difficult to reach.  Here lay some of the most important historical locations in Florida, one being an almost intact piece of the original Old Kings Road built by the British before the American Revolution.  Here too was a marker stone in the deep Palmetto thickets.  It was the location where the great Seminole leader Osceola was taken by the US army under a white flag of truce.  This notorious action vibrated across the world, in the Court of England and many governments.  Here too was the known camp site of Osceola and his black Seminole followers and Seminole warriors.

Osceola permits this great leader to tell his own story in a first person format.  It is based on original research and documents plus many surveys and maps of the times.  Many untold stories are given here of the sad and desperate situation of the Seminole Tribe after the Indian Removal policy of President Andrew Jackson.  They declared war on the United States and fought in violent action for seven years.

This book takes the friends and followers of Osceola through their travels in Florida and tells of the atmosphere that existed at these times.  It is listed as historical fiction, but is strongly based upon known facts and interpretations of author Bill Ryan.

Here are comments by the author:

"The section of Old Kings and the Osceola sites will soon vanish into planned housing developments.  Like so much of Florida this historic place will be no more.  I was fortunate to visit it while it was still wild and in much of its original condition.  This was due to the efforts of Mr. Stephen Held, and re-enactors James Fiske and James Bullock.  We were able to take a few groups onto the site and make films which I have included with these web pages.  Also I was able to locate what I believe to be a portrait of Osceola's wife and child, which has been in a English museum for hundreds of years once labeled as Pocahontas. Thanks to the Smithsonian magazine of the American Indian the story of this painting has been told and verified.  See the story on Osceola's family here.

Is Osceola a true history?  I do not know the answer to that, I did my very best to research his story, and to write what I believe actually happened to make up this book.  This site was very moving to anyone with an appreciation of history, whether they be a modern Seminole or of Indian decent as were many who we took to this place and told the Osceola story.  I was honored to be permitted to do this book, and hope it will share my impression of Florida from the Indian point of view."  Web sites are not permanent so enjoy these films and also this book."




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