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Search for The Lost Plantations  of Flagler County Florida 
Large Florida land grants during the British and Second Spanish period brought men of daring vision to what is today Flagler County.  They built large plantations here with steam engines, large numbers of slaves, to become part of an Industrial Revolution.  It all ended Christmas eve 1835 when the Seminoles declared war.  Historical research reveals some of the records that exist of these great and now forgotten enterprises.  This is a new work by Bill Ryan and part of the Old Kings Road series.  Discover more about Dupont, Russell, Graham, Bulow, Pellicer, Fish and Hernandez who did so much to shape Florida.

The multitude of land grant plantations that once existed in this rapidly developing Florida Atlantic Coast county is a history of daring and enterprise.  Most are forgotten or exist only in Spanish land grant documents resting in University files.  Many were located along the British built Kings Road.

Discover more about these works and their human story including what could be discovered about the multitude of slave workers that made these plantations possible, and in many cases may have managed them too.

Author comments:
Over hundreds of years a piece of land will have many owners, it will be sold, seized, mortgaged or abandoned many times.  I have attempted to pick out the story of some of these great plantations using what information I could locate.  I know it is far from perfect but perhaps will inspire a better researcher to do more.  For here in Florida existed a true Industrial Revolution fueled by immense grants of land under the British and the Second Spanish period that resulted in great enterprises here now almost forgotten.  The Seminole War and the take over of Florida by the United States in 1821 made these changes in Florida ones that brought us to our modern times of rapid development. 

Thanks to the many sources I used.  The Dupont story should be told in addition to that of Mr. Hernandez, and the many settlers who braved danger and war to settle in what is now known as Flagler County Florida.  History seems to repeat, first the Spanish, then the British, the Spanish again, and finally the Americans, all of whom wanted to settle and develop this rich land in Florida.  As we build our shopping malls, new highways, and gated communities, I hope that there will be some remembrance of those that went before.

Here is a talk I gave on "Lost Plantations"




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