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Books by William Ryan

The Search for Old Kings Road
Journey Into History Flagler County Florida.
I am Grey Eyes
Osceola His Capture
Bulow Gold
Door to Time
Lost Plantations


Journey Into History Flagler County Florida  (new Oct 2018)

Where is the real Florida?

Using your imagination to tour the lost history on Florida’s east coast. 

Florida is a unique treasure chest filled with historical treasure.  This book is your map and your imagination is the guide.  Indians, Spanish, French, British and finally Americans had ownership of Florida each offering you their own stories.

Using modern GPS locators and his research into legends Bill Ryan guides you to lost and forgotten places.  This book cruises through the rich history of the Flagler County area and the adjacent amazing East Coast of Florida. As a guide on the Flagler County Tour bus for 22 years he shares the many adventures with you.

Historian Bill Ryan takes you to some real, some imaginary and some lost places that reveal the hidden real Florida.  Here is your information to create your own family tours on the “what will we do today” question.

Here are researched lives and locations of our ancient ones, the Spanish, the British, the French and American settlers who created the rich history of Flagler County Florida, just south of long celebrated St. Augustine, America’s oldest city.  Bill takes you further south along the famous “Loop” route to the amazing Tomoka Park where exist links to our American History.  Here too was a site for the ancient ones, the original Indians who lived here for thousands of years before us.

Author William (Bill) Ryan is a director of the Flagler County Historical Society.  He retired to the Palm Coast Florida area after a long career in high technology photographic equipment and rode the popular Flagler County Historical tour bus for many years.  He is the author of seven books covering the early times of Florida and has long enjoyed travel with his avid bus riders.

Here are a few of the spots you can visit:
A1A into history
Ancient Indians
Bulow Creek State Park
Bulow Plantation Ruins
Bunnell Colony
Colonial Plantations
Flagler Beach Museum
Flagler County Historical
Flagler scenic highways
Florida AG Museum
German U Boats
The Hammock
Hewitt colonial sawmill
Indian camps
James Ormond Tomb
Marineland Dolphins
Ocean City (Flagler Beach)
Old Brick Rd.
Old King’s Road
Patriots (1812)
Princess Place Preserve
Revolution and slavery

Spanish Gold buried here?
Tomoka State Park
Travel the Loop
Washington Garden and more…
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Flagler County Historical Society
204 E. Moody Blvd.

Flagler Beach
History Museum

207 S. Central Ave.
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Down By The Sea
Old Florida Authors
208 S. 3rd St.
Flagler Beach
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