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The Search for Old Kings Road
I am Grey Eyes
Osceola His Capture
Bulow Gold
Door to Time
Lost Plantations


Door to Time

Museums can be store places for time

Time flows in the door of a small Florida museum.  Here are  untold true stories given in a first person style that is both entertaining and informative. The connection is Inventor Nicholas Tesla’s experiments in space and time of 1898. Fiction? Perhaps not. New linked stories of Florida history flow before The Bunnell Boy’s Club, whose aging docents discover the safety of the world may lie in their hands. Ormond hotel keeper and 19th Century author John Anderson, the infamous Andersonville Prison, Germany’s Stalag Luft 17B prison, private pilots flying against U Boats, a seaman of 1564, a Lost Colony and many others all unite to tell their authentic, well researched stories. These surprisingly are connected to the shelves and books in the Bunnell History Annex.  Here James Ormond III will appear in person to tell you his true adventures.

By means of a "standing wave" created by a Tesla's experiment that went wrong, historic characters appear, each telling their own true and often related stories.  Can this be real?  The theory behind it all does exist in the papers of long ago scientist Nicholas Tesla.

Background: The first alternating current electric generators built illuminated the Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. They were purchased by Henry Flagler to bring modern power to his now vanished Ormond Hotel once located near the small Florida village of Bunnell. Tesla's secret experiments smashed the time envelope containing "our past, the present and the future" all together. This storm in time makes it possible for visitors from the past to arrive and offer previously unknown stories. The members of ‘The Bunnell Boy’s Club’ discover that ‘saving the world’ may have a price to be paid. The museum’s careful folders and collections could be a dangerous door into the present, one that might even affect your life today.

The Tesla theme in this unusual book resulted from original documents and records provided by  local physicist Augustus Prince.  Did the time experiments exist?  Author Ryan says they did.

Researched fact and fiction are here interlinked in this entertaining book.

Author comments:
This is not a popular book.  The theme is based on the actual Tesla documents which surprisingly are held by a local and very much alive physicist who lives here in Palm Coast Florida.  The stories that each historical character tells are real enough and based on original documents. I do write about Synergism, the strange relationships that exist in our mysterious world.  The real visitors to the small green 'Annex' building behind the Holden House Museum in old Bunnell Florida often verify this each week.  I am amazed as to whom walks thru that metal clad door.  So please read it, perhaps it is not as wild as you may think.





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