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Bulow Gold

The discovery of a lost journal of “Aunty Mary” housekeeper to the Bulow family of Florida will take you to a new, well researched tale of the building and destruction of a great plantation.  The courage and planning of Wilhelm Bulow is carried onward by his son John Joachim Bulow who builds the great works of Bulowville, now shown only in the Bulow Plantation Ruins State Park in Flagler County Florida.

Carefully researched facts go into the voice of “Aunty Mary” who will speak of a great treasure and the events in Florida from 1812 to the Civil War. This historical fiction account combines the building of a great plantation, the life of a slave, the Indian Wars and adventures in Colonial Florida. The spirit of Florida in these early days will give you a feeling of how times were, and what was happening.

New untold family legends are combined to explain many of the mysteries that surround today's ruins of the Bulow plantation.  The “Aunty Mary” journal draws upon existing original documents, studies and research of the Plantation era existing in Florida until it was destroyed in the Seminole War that began Christmas eve of 1835.  Author William Ryan calls this ‘factual historic fiction’ in that it relates what he believes actually happened in accounts of the wealthy Bulow family of Charleston S.C. and their construction of a great community once called Bulowville.

The mysterious death of young Bulow in St. Augustine is revealed for the first time in publication.  This and many other exciting stories will take you into early Florida with the journal of “Aunty Mary” and her young ancestor “Lizzie.”

 Author's comments:
Documentation on the Bulow Plantation is very thin.  By using some family legends, and writings of soldiers during the Seminole War I have attempted to present the story of what I believe really happened here.  I think Aunty Mary existed in one form or another as did the farm near Valdosta Georgia.  The story of Emily Bulow did appear in several spots so I do believe it is true.  Historic actor James Bullock (who is on the cover shot) may well have the slave Scipio as his ancestor, and all of the other characters I used were real.  I hope I have come close to the truth.  I hope you can visit this remarkable state park which is just off of an actual routing of the Old Kings Road in Flagler County Florida.



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