Brady may have employed 20 or more assistants.  However, he also collected works from many photographers both Union and Confederate.    He had hoped to sell these images after the war, and thus invested large sums of money and danger to acquire them
(this photo is of a photographer making a military record shot of the Knoxville Bridge near Strawberry Plains.  Credited to Timothy O'Sullivan but not certain if he made this picture or is the photographer as shown)
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Some of the better known photographers for the Union were Louis Landry, Brady's personal assistant, T.C. Roche, Alexander Gardner, Timothy O'Sullivan and George Barnard but there were many others.The Confederacy had many photographers including George S. Cook. (who was once Brady's studio manager).  Brady took many photos too, often under highly dangerous conditions, the clumsy camera and photo wagon was an attractive target for a sniper. 

Exposure times were long, from four to forty seconds.  Brady's advanced photo darkrooms in his studio were highly adapt at making a copy negative, in pencil retouching of defects, and thus he was well equipped to make copies of other works for his collection, even if he lacked the original negative.

The Brady studios were fully equipped to make copies of interesting images photographed by other photographers.
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    Examination of a few of these prints
   The story-telling photos

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