We searched for Fairfax Court House in Fairfax Virginia.  I was not totally sure it was still there.  Pat was navigating.  We did see a museum sign and turned in.

The ladies were thrilled when I started pulling out some of my prints, and gave me directions to the Court House. In front was a large stone saying the first shot "of the war of 1861 - 1865 were made here."
 The courthouse  was there all right, but surrounded by another building constructed onto it.  Also the trees had certainly grown more. 
 After examining my print with a magnifier, I found a clever pieces of photo story telling.  Let's
examine the print more closely to see what it is saying.  By enlarging some sections we found an interesting story being told.  Not everything on a stone, or in a photograph is always what it appears to be.

The Fairfax Picture tells a story

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