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Books by William Ryan

NEW! Door to Time in Florida
Kindle     Published printed copy
History magic happens as time flows in the door of a small Florida museum.  Florida author and historian William P. Ryan offers untold true stories in his first person style that is both entertaining and informative. The connection is Inventor Nicholas Tesla’s experiments in space and time of 1898.  Fiction? Perhaps not. New linked stories of Florida history flow before The Bunnell Boy’s Club, whose aging docents discover the safety of the world may lie in their hands. Ormond hotel keeper and 19th Century author John Anderson, the infamous Andersonville Prison, Germany’s Stalag Luft 17B prison, private pilots flying against U Boats, a seaman of 1564, a Lost Colony and many others all unite to tell their authentic, well researched stories.  These surprisingly are connected to the shelves and books in the Bunnell History Annex. Florida Door to Time is a must read for those interested in the Florida history..

The Search for Old Kings Road 
         Published printed copy

Florida's Old Kings Road was built by the British prior to the American Revolution.  It once ran from Georgia south to Jacksonville (then Cow Ford), to St. Augustine, thus what is now Flagler County and finally to New Smyrna.  This is the history of this great historic road.  The main entryway into Florida right up to the 1914 era.   A story you need to know.
There were battles, refugees, a rich plantation economy, a slave rebellion, a terrible war and history going back some 240 years. This book pulls together the history of this little known piece of American History, once called an "engineering treasure." 160 pages, perfect bound, color cover, many illustrations, with index and time line. 
ISBN 978-0-615-18937-6

I am Grey eyes a story of old Florida

Kindle      Published printed copy
20 May 1767 Grey Eyes, a Seminole Indian and some 25 Indian boys drove a herd of cattle from Colerain Georgia to New Smyrna Florida, a distance of about 106 miles.  Thus began Old Kings road and a series of events, greatly affecting the history of Florida.  Here is this rich history as viewed thru the eyes of Grey Eyes, a man who had the power to see.  Historic events are intertwined into a highly readable story, partly historic fiction, but mostly fact.    Grey Eyes will take you thru the early days of Florida's often violent history.  See it with Indian eyes.  Entertaining and accurate. 
A true picture of Florida History.

Osceola His Capture and Seminole Legends

Kindle       Published printed copy
In 1837 the great Seminole leader Osceola was captured under a white flag of truce near Old Kings Road, south of St. Augustine.  His capture was debated in European capitols throughout the world, and in hearings in the U.S. Congress, and called a disgrace to the army.  Here is an unknown story, as told by Osceola himself in this fictional account based accurately on the real facts, some of which have never before been disclosed. Discover the relationship of "The Black Seminoles."  Here is the new story as told by Osceola in his own word, and the account of the newly discovered capture site on Old Kings Road.  This book contains new information, maps, and pictures never published before including an illustration of  what may be Osceola's wife and son, the original now hanging in the Kings Lynn Museum, Norfolk England.

Kindle   Published printed copy
Follow the lost journal of "Aunty Mary" a slave and unique housekeeper of the famous Bulow family of Florida and North Carolina.  The Bulows had immense wealth. 
They built one of the largest plantations in Florida in the year 1821.  Here is the courage, the planning of Charles Wilhelm Bulow who dies all too soon.  His dream is taken by his young son John Joachim who will father an immense treasure in gold, on that vanishes in 1835.  it will be pursued by many  Bulow Gold is a combination of well researched historical facts and a story line that author Bill Ryan calls "factual historic fiction."  "It is what I think really happened" he reports.  Young John Joachim Bulow dies and is buried in St. Augustine contrary to all prior published reports.  The location of his wealth may have died with him, or perhaps not.  Here is rich detail of Florida life including the Black Seminoles, the Second Seminole War and the death of a dream.


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